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Vaccinating and treating your pets against infectious diseases, fleas and ticks is very important all year round. We all enjoy the summer time but remember the summer heat and humidity is a time for fleas and ticks to thrive so keep checking them! Read more...
Hooray school holidays! Yes it is almost time for the summer school holidays. So it's time to think about your children and pets' safety as they spend a lot of time together. Here are a few handy tips. Read more...
DOGS (and any other pet) DIE IN HOT CARS! Some people think it is okay to leave their pet in the car if the window is open a little, parked in the shade, or just popping into the shop. Read more...
On these hot summer days if you have to (or want to) wait at the clinic, we invite you and your pet to relax in our peaceful shady nature garden. Read more...
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