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Fun Facts - Did You Know?




Frogs are amphibians. Amphibians are animals that spend the first part of their life in water and the second part on land. Most frogs have long powerful hind legs that help them jump a long distance. They are expert swimmers because their webbed feet act like flippers. Some frogs climb trees and have sticky feet to help them climb.

Frogs lay their eggs in water and the babies that hatch are called tadpoles.




Cats have excellent sense of hearing and can hear even the slightest movement of an animal. They have sharp eyesight and can see well in the day or night time. The cat's pupil is narrow in the day and wider at night. The pupil is the dark part in the middle of the eye which opens and closes to let light in. Cats have a mirror-like layer of skin at the back of each eye that allows them to see tiny objects when it gets dark!




Dogs make lovely pets but did you know they are good helpers too. They are devoted to their owners, they want to please their owners and respond to how their owner feels. Dogs are smart and easy to train. Dogs help humans in many ways. Some dogs are trained to herd animals, guard homes, and they help to rescue people from dangerous situations. Dogs are amazing and help people who are blind, deaf or sick by taking on the role of their owner's eyes and ears guiding them safely through daily life.



Color this picture by dragging the puzzle pieces and placing them on the right spot of the picture.



Helping Animals

Create a Hedgehog Friendly Garden

Hedgehogs nest under sheds, piles of wood, bracken, compost heaps, and any undisturbed place where they can build a safe warm nest. You can create a little area like this in a quiet corner and leave it to be a natural wildlife haven. You can also buy or build specially designed hedgehog houses

Hedgehogs are good for your garden by eating bugs, beetles, worms, caterpillars, snails and slugs. They must be able to forage for food so please make sure they can get out of your garden.

Sometimes they can't find enough food and you can give them hedgehog friendly food. Before feeding one please go to the hedgehog website to learn what they can and can't eat. Please put out a shallow little bowl of fresh water. Please do not give them milk it's harmful to them.

We recommend you read more about protecting hedgehogs and what they need at www.britishhedgehogs.org.uk



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