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We are here to help at this difficult time!

Saying Goodbye

Having to say good-bye to your beloved pet is a very emotional and difficult time. We truly understand your grief, and we will make it as peaceful and compassionate as possible for you and your pet.

We provide a very special room for our clients to say good-bye. Please see below for more information about our special, private Pet Loss Client Care Room where you can take as much time as you need to be together for the last time.

A heartfelt message from John and Margaret

Euthanasia is undoubtedly the most difficult time for pet owners. We want to share our philosophy and thoughts on this very sensitive issue and how we can help you when the time comes.

We feel extremely thankful that we are able to perform the ultimate kindness for your beloved pet - to end their needless suffering. When all other options have been explored, and we know that a pet is not going to get better, is suffering, or the pets quality of life is affected, then euthanasia is the kindest and most unselfish thing that we can do for them. The suffering an animal is experiencing might not be visible or obvious to you and not all medical treatment is kind and compassionate.

We will work together with you to help you make the most humane and loving choice for your pet. To make you and your pet comfortable when the time comes, we specifically designed a Client Care Room where you will have complete privacy to take as much time as you want to say good-bye to your loving pet.

We care deeply about you and your pet at this difficult time.

Warmest regards,
John and Margaret

Pet Loss Client Care Room

At this difficult time, we believe you should have a quiet, private space to spend those last precious moments with your pet. We have a Client Care Room designed especially for comfort and privacy, away from the waiting room and with a separate exit.

We want you to feel that you can take as much time as you need before and after your pet is put to sleep. There is no surgical table or cold environment. Instead, in our special room you will find warm décor, a warm comfortable sofa, and an oversized specially ordered footstool for your pet to rest on safely and comfortably. This calm, peaceful, and very private space is for you to spend all the time you want with your pet!

When the time comes, one of our veterinary surgeons will prepare your beloved pet by administering a sedative to relax and calm your pet. This means your pet will not be in pain nor will it have to be restrained while you spend time saying good-bye. Instead you will be able to spend time cuddling and sitting with your pet until you are ready for your pet to be put to sleep.

You may take as much time as you want. You will never feel hurried or in the way – this space is for you, your family, and your precious pet as you say good-bye! When ready you may leave through the emergency exit should you chose to do so, without having to go through the waiting area.

Your pet's comfort and dignity are our highest priorities. We are also very concerned about you and the grief you experience. We strive to help you through this sad, often heart breaking decision with the gentlest and kindest approach possible.

For more information or for a tour of our pet loss client care room, please come by to see us and meet our caring team.
We care deeply about you and your pet
at this difficult time.