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Dear Clients,

Due to the ongoing and worsening pandemic we have had to take further steps to protect our clients and clinical team alike.

We have worked very hard over the last year to ensure that the practice remains open and available to provide your beloved pets with the veterinary care that they need.

In order to ensure that we can remain open, we have had to implement a new “bubble” system where one vet and one nurse work exclusively with one another.

This will mean that in the event that one “bubble” becomes infected, there will be others to fill the breach, hopefully ensuring continuity of service.

This may however mean that we are unable to guarantee that you see your preferred vet, when a more urgent appointment is required, and we ask that you please bear with us in this respect.

Furthermore, we have had to make the difficult decision to ask clients to remain in the waiting area whilst your pet is examined by the clinical “bubble”.

This is intended to minimise face to face contact in close quarters between clients and staff. We hope that this will increase protection for all.

We are doing our level best to continue to provide the quality of care that you have become accustomed to without inconvenience and disruption, whilst protecting against COVID-19.

We hope that you understand and would like to thank everyone for the their continued patience and support in these extremely challenging times. Stay safe and well.

Polden Hills Veterinary Centre
Feb 2021

We all hoped that the new year would have started with less Covid restrictions and we would all be able to see a return to more normal activity. It looks like it will be a long time before that happens but we want to reassure you that we are still here for you.

Following the Covid rules to socially distance we ask that you call to book an appointment to see us. When visiting the practice please come on your own, unless of course you need someone to help you, and always wear your mask.

We are doing everything to support our clients and pets and appreciate your patience during these challenging times. With the positive news of the vaccine being rolled out, we are hopeful times will get better and in the not too distant future we will be able to safely interact once again.

Our facilities are of an extremely high standard. We are very proud of this and the exceptional care we provide to all pets. This is why we want you to see behind the scenes and know first-hand what high level of pet care/comfort, hygiene and practice standards we operate our business. Not all facilities are of this high standard and nor willing to let clients see what goes on behind the scenes, only seeing the reception and consult room.

It has always been our philosophy to educate clients and encourage them to view all areas of the clinic. During this time and to keep everyone safe it is more challenging to do but once Covid is no longer a threat we look forward to welcoming you to look around and enjoy open visits once again.



COVID-19 Update and veterinary services.

Dear Clients,

Due to our governing body RCVS (Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons) and government guidelines, we must adhere to social distancing. Our team here at Polden Hills Veterinary Centre are operating normal working hours, restricting routine appointments.

Please be aware the following protocols that are now in place:

Whilst we always try and accommodate appointments with your preferred veterinary surgeon, this may not always be possible.

Our priority currently is our registered clients and patients.

PLEASE NOTE: Any members of the public or clients no longer registered with us will be unable to make any purchases.

We are unable to register new clients at this time.

Stay safe and well.
Polden Veterinary Centre


Polden Post Article


Thank you for all your cards, charity donations and support. We are looking forward to the new year and our renovations to make Polden Hills your very special veterinary clinic. We always strive to make our facilities of the highest standard and genuine care. The upgrade will allow completely separate dog and cat waiting, consult and kennel areas, brand new theatre, diagnostic and prep areas. Thank you for your patience through the renovations and thank you to our wonderful builders who work so hard and with such care.

Happy 2020!

Happy New Year to all our clients!

Please drop by and pick up your 2020 calendar and see the floor plan of the upgrade currently underway.

Our New Floor Plan

We are always committed to making Polden Hills the best facilities available. Our renovations that are currently underway are vast and when done will give you an even better veterinary practice. We have put a lot of thought into how to make it even more dog and cat friendly. There will be a completely separate sections; for dogs follow the blue path and for cats follow the pink path.

The dog walk kennels will be expanded and have access to their own secluded outdoor run. A new isolation ward for dogs and a separate one for cats and rabbits.

There will be two dog waiting areas so if you are worried about your dog being too close to another one there is a second waiting area.

Our new cat hospital is designed to provide stimulation and comfort for long term patients with a window looking out into a small secure courtyard which will have plants to add interest.

There will be a new large prep area, diagnostic room and 2 theatres.

There is so much more to know about the upgrade and we you are next visiting the practice we are happy to share our vision with you.

GOLD Award as Accredited Cat Friendly Clinic

We recognise and understand the needs cats have and the stress they feel when going to a vet and are proud to have received GOLD status accreditation as a Cat Friendly Clinic. ‘Cat Friendly Clinic’ is a worldwide programme from the International Society of Feline Medicine, the veterinary division of the charity International Cat Care.

We have already achieved the gold standard but want to make our clinic even more special and cat friendly. Once our new renovations are complete it will take the cat care to a whole new level with special hospital ward for cats and a completely separate waiting and consult area away from where dogs have access. To learn more about the accreditation visit Cat Friendly Clinic website.

High Standard of Care

We are very proud of our high clinical standards and try to create referral level standards in your general practice.

Renovation Progress

This is a Site Layout Plan which provides a bird’s eye view of the Practice once complete. This plan is great because it clearly shows the extent of the extension to the rear and right hand side of the existing building and the proposed Foyer to the front (the extended areas are shown in grey).

It also shows how we plan to rationalise the parking, hopefully ensuring that all clients can park comfortably in the future, even when we’re busy.

As you can see we’ve kept and enhanced the garden area which, will continue to be open for clients and patients to use throughout the build programme. Visit Facebook to keep in touch with our renovation progress!’

Save Our Wildlife

Please cut your plastic rings before disposing of it (and throw it in a bin). It will only take a few seconds and you will save our wildlife.

Dental Health

Good dental health is important to your pets overall health and comfort. Poor teeth and gums can have a serious impact on the overall health of the pet. This is not always fully understood by pet owners. We have a special interest in dental care and will provide you with an honest assessment of your pet’s dental condition. Make your appointment with us to discuss your pet’s dental health.

You might also find this article interesting about why dental health is so important!

10 Reasons Why You Should Take Care of Your Pet's Teeth
Good dental health can prevent the spread of serious oral disease in your pets.

Hiding Signs of Pain and Illness

Pets are very good at hiding signs of pain and illness. It can be difficult for you to know that something may be wrong with your pet as it is not always immediately obvious. If you have any doubt or questions about your pet’s condition we are just a call away and always here to help!

An interesting article for you to read.

The Top 10 Signs Your Dog May Be Sick (and What You Can Do About It)
As is the case with people, a dog’s health changes with age, and our pets age much faster than we do.

Help Protect Hedgehogs

Remember hedgehogs and other little creatures!

Every year a significant number of hedgehogs and other little creatures die or suffer horrific injuries because bonfire piles are lit before checking that nothing has nested in these piles.

Please be careful when lighting fires! Check the wood and brush piles very carefully as they nest and hide among them and may even have babies. They cannot escape fire! The hedgehog population is in decline due to the road traffic, fenced in gardens, poisons and our abandoned litter are among some of the perils they face. They need our help to protect them especially during bonfire season- thank you for helping protect these precious little creatures!

Please visit these charity websites to learn more about how to protect hedgehogs.

Your Dog Needs Exercise

With the weather being changeable with some very hot days it is important to experience the world as a dog!

"We need exercise all year round and love being out with you but when it is excessively hot please don't exercise us. Only take us for walks in the morning or evening when the pavement won't burn our feet. You wear shoes to stop your feet from getting burnt but our paw pads aren't shoes and get burnt on hot pavements. Walking on hot pavement and in the sunshine increases our risk of heatstroke. If you stop to chat with your friends make sure we can sit on grass in the shade. We still like to go out but please take us out when it is cooler, walk us on grass or in the shade, keep our fur clipped, and remember to give us plenty of fresh drinking water."

Some signs of burned pads:

  • limping, hesitation or refusal to walk
  • licking or chewing at the feet
  • pads look darker in colour
  • part of the pad is missing
  • blisters or redness

Free Special Event

“How to have the dog you’ve always wanted”, will be an entertaining, informative and interactive talk providing an invaluable insight into what we should be doing (or not doing!) with our dogs and how we should be doing it.

It will cover many of the questions Robert is most often asked by pet owners. Including:

  • How to improve behaviour.
  • Advice about our legal responsibilities as dog owners.
  • Looking for a good training class.
  • Choosing the right diet.
  • Advice on neutering.

These are just some of the subjects that he will cover. There will also be a Q&A session at the end where you can ask about your specific issues with your own dog. Alternatively, if you prefer you can submit your questions to our Practice in advance of the event.

Due to the Hall’s capacity there is limited availability for this event, so please book your space by contacting us on 01278 722088 to avoid disappointment.

Sadly, we must kindly request that YOU DO NOT BRING YOUR DOGS ALONG WITH YOU as the Hall has a STRICT No Animals Policy.

Winter wildlife at Polden Vets

Winter can be a difficult time for wildlife and at our clinic we make sure there is fresh food and water for birds and ground creatures. When you visit us you will see the birds collecting around our feeders, bird baths and pond. They bring us all a lot of joy and we hope you’re inspired to help the creatures in your garden too.

Caring for pets during winter

Winter can be very harsh for pets and wildlife so learning how to take good care of them is important. We are always here to answer your questions! In addition to being here for you we like to provide our clients with reference material so they can learn more about caring for pets and protecting wildlife.

Most of the animal charities have very useful information on their websites so we encourage you to take a look. For example you will find the Blue Cross and PSPCA charity sites helpful.

Christmas Hazards!

Halloween is growing in popularity and is a lot of fun for children. Please remember that it is a scary time for pets and potentially dangerous with candles, decorations, candy and chocolate. Visit our Pet Tips page for more on how to keep animals safe or speak to us on calming methods best suited to your pet.

On these hot summer days if you have to (or want to) wait at the clinic, we invite you and your pet to relax in our peaceful shady nature garden. Enjoy watching the birds visit the bird feeders and listen to the calming trickle of the pond. This little black Scottie client looks like a statue – we promise he is real!

DOGS (and any other pet) DIE IN HOT CARS! Some people think it is okay to leave their pet in the car if the window is open a little, parked in the shade, or just popping into the shop for a few minutes. It is not safe – the car is a great deal hotter than you think and your pet has no way of cooling down. RSPCA have a section on their website dedicated to this topic and what to do if you see a pet locked in a car. Please read!- Dogs die in hot cars.

SOME IMPORTED JERKY TREATS MAY CAUSE KIDNEY DYSFUNCTION. Know what to look out for! Vets across the UK have reported seeing an increased number of dogs presenting with kidney problems which may be linked to the ingestion of imported dried jerky treats. Read more...
See article published on the Animal Health Trust website.

The British Veterinary Association (BVA)

"We know that from time to time pet owners have questions about the veterinary cost of treating pets and wonder if pet insurance is a good idea. The British Veterinary Association (BVA) has issued a couple of articles you might find interesting."

Happy Spring!

It is an exciting time to see spring arrive as everything comes alive after the colder weather. We feel motivated to get outside and do the garden spring clean-up—nice for us, but not for all the little creatures that have made a home in your garden!

Creatures like bugs, beetles, wood mice, frogs, hedgehogs and many more species have created safe places to raise their young. When we clean up, we disturb them. Please try and leave some natural areas undisturbed.

Please think about:

  • Creating safe areas for hedgehogs to nest and if you have walls or fencing make sure there are holes for them to leave your garden, as they cover a wide territory as they forage for food.
  • Putting fresh water out for birds and other creatures.
  • Feeding birds at this time of the year is very rewarding and it helps adult birds take care of their hungry young. There are many charities selling high quality bird food to attract a range of birds.
  • Responsible hedge cutting! A number of birds nest in hedges and might be close to the top edges of the hedge, and when electric hedge cutters are used it is so easy to destroy their nests and young.
  • Doing what you can to prevent and train your pets from catching wildlife, especially as the young will not be able to escape as quickly as adults might do.

Thank you for caring!

"At Polden Hills Veterinary Centre we are always improving our clinic facilities to make you and your pets more comfortable. We have upgraded our dog and cat/small furries consulting rooms, added a completely separate dog and cat waiting rooms with TV's, added very spacious long term cat care ward, secure separate pharmacy room, new retail area and of course the outside is not forgotten! We have a covered seating area in the garden for you to enjoy. Please take a look at the latest floor plan or drop by to see us."

"TED" One of our patients made it into the newspaper!!

A National competition to highlight responsible dog ownership was run in partnership with vet charity PDSA. Ted was highly commended for his happy nature through his health struggles and thanks to his loving responsible owner Sarah Sloot.

We are so happy for Ted who went through so much and has done so well – what a lovely boy!

Sarah Sloot said on our Facebook page "I'm over the moon about this, Will came home to tell me like a proud father!! I hunted the article down online and I'm now showing off on FB! As always can't thank you guys enough xx"

Does your rabbit get lonely?

"Caring for your rabbit's emotional health and environment as well as its physical health is an important part of owning a rabbit."

Wild rabbits don't live alone they are social animals and live together in groups. Did you know that a pet rabbit living on its own can experience chronic stress as it suffers from boredom and loneliness. Just like us they need a friend. They eat, play and keep warm together. Rabbits groom each other which helps improve their general health. For example, they keep each other's eyes clean and this reduces eye problems.

The PDSA provide a report on the annual survey done on the care of dogs, cats and rabbits and they reported that rabbit companionship is one of the most neglected of animal welfare needs.

Read more and find useful links on our Pet Tips page.

Truth About Rabbits

Rabbits make wonderful pets and they do require as much care and attention as any other pet. Unfortunately, many people think rabbits require less personal and veterinary attention than a cat or dog but this is not true.

Rabbits have specific requirements and can live for a long time. They are not happy being left alone in a small hutch. Rabbits need company, exercise, warm, safety, good nutrition, veterinary care and of course love from their owners.

Rabbits are often bought on impulse because they look so cute. Here are a few points about rabbits highlighted by www.actionforrabbits.co.uk.

And you can find more about rabbits at www.rspca.org.uk/adviceandwelfare/pets/rabbits

We look forward to helping you care for your pet rabbits!

Rabbit Freezing

  • Provide plenty of bedding, use straw as well as hay to increase insulation
  • Use covers over water bottles to prevent freezing - check the nozzle as this is the first thing to freeze
  • Use snuggle safes at night and under water bowls
  • Cover hutches and exposed areas with tarpaulin and insulation such as old quilts or blankets
  • Check on bunnies frequently
  • Ensure daily exercise time out of hutches, preferably a permanent run. Keeping moving helps bunnies keep warm

Antifreeze Warning

ANTIFREEZE KILLS! With the nights being cold and people using antifreeze on cars and pipes to prevent freezing there is a risk of spillage or open containers being left unattended. Pets might take a drink or walk in it which is extremely dangerous for them and can kill.

If you suspect your pet has come into contact with antifreeze call us immediately. Do not hesitate because time may be critical and we are always here for you day and night - call 01278 722088.

Cat Poison Information

Dogs are usually the ones we think of when it comes to eating something they shouldn't but cats can also be victims of consuming things that are poisonous to them. The Cats Protection League has published a CATS POISONING ADVICE guide which you might find useful.

If you suspect your cat has eaten something they shouldn't then call us immediately. Do not hesitate because time may be critical and we are always here for you day and night - call 01278 722088.

With charities being in such desperate need of support we decided to make additional donations this year In lieu of Christmas cards and gifts. We have chosen another wonderful charity THE BROOKE.

The Brooke helps working animals in the world's poorest communities across Africa, Asia and Latin America. See more www.thebrooke.org

We continue to support SPANA and our other chosen animal charities and thank you for your generous contributions throughout the year."

Cossington Village Fayre was held on 9th August 2014 which incorporated the Cossington Flower Show and Cossington in Bloom.

What a lovely surprise!

We won 1st place for Cossington in Bloom Best Hanging Basket and Tub competition and Runner up for Cossington in Bloom Best Kept Garden Competition 2014. Thank you to Stewart and Gail (clients) for all their help in making our garden so beautiful for our clients to enjoy. We are passionate about caring for your pets, the wildlife, birds and our garden. Thank you to everyone for your on-going support.

Visit our Clinic News and Events Slide Show for more pictures.

Qualified Veterinary Nurse Position Available

Are you looking for an opportunity to work in a small modern custom built clinic, one that provides you the opportunity to work with a small highly dedicated caring team and close contact with our clients? We are looking for another friendly compassionate Qualified Veterinary Nurse to join our growing veterinary centre.

Please call head nurse Hannah Porter or owners John Smith and Margaret Walker on (01278) 722088. Or you can E-mail Us your CV

We look forward to hearing from you!

Spana Big Knit Fundraiser

Please help support the SPANA charity by purchasing a knitted donkey or horse for Only £4

You can chose to keep your toy or donate it to one of the many education centres SPANA provides around the world.

Each year Polden Hills Veterinary Centre selects to sponsor a different charity in addition to our regular charity support. This year we are proud to sponsor SPANA!

SPANA is a wonderful animal welfare charity for the working animals of the developing world and these hard working animals are essential to millions of families. SPANA provides free veterinary care, education, training and emergency response. Go to www.spana.org to see their amazing work!

Come in and see the collection of these gorgeous colourful toys kindly knitted by our client Mrs Villis. We'd like to thank Mrs Villis for her generous contribution and all our clients for their support!


We are pleased to let everyone know that we are now offering FREE MICROCHIPPING FOR DOGS! This is courtesy of DOGS TRUST to aid owners in preparation for the new laws regarding microchips. DOGS TRUST is a wonderful charity and we have a collection donation box for them at reception to help support their good work saving dogs from harm.

Free dog microchipping offer will be valid until the 31st of March 2015. Please call us on 01278 722088 for more details.

  Congratulations to all our clients for their successful events at this year's CRUFTS.

We like to sponsor various local events and activities in surrounding villages. Most recently we sponsored Woolavington Primary School by providing their team with polo shirts.

We would like to thank ‘The Happy Companions Over 55's Club' in Ednington and ‘Cossington Friends And Neighbours' for inviting us to talk about our journey.

We were warmly received and welcomed by everyone. We thoroughly enjoyed the talks and being part of your community.

John judges a dog show in 2013

Puppy Party!

Puppy Parties were run in 2012/13 and were a lot of fun – see our Facebook for pictures. If you have any questions about your puppies or kittens please call us at 01278 722088 and we'll be glad to help.

News About Harvey

Hannah and Harvey are featured with Jack in the November 2012 Millpledge Product News magazine! Margaret and John adopted Harvey after he was found with severe injuries from abuse and neglect.
Unfortunately he was not able to recover from the injuries. After consulting with the specialist, sadly we had to put Harvey to rest!

Opening Day

Click here to see photos highlighting the big opening day event of Polden Hills Veterinary Centre.

Opening Day Article

Click here to read an article about our big opening day event.