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Our terms and policies help us deliver the best care possible.



At Polden Hills Veterinary Centre we care for your pet as we would our own. We strive to provide the best medical and surgical care for our patients within the bounds of humanity, compassion, and the financial parameters allowed. Our policies aim to protect your pet as we understand that your pet is a valuable and loved member of your family.

Patient Waiting Room Policy

For everyone's protection, all dogs must be on a leash and properly controlled while in the waiting area and consulting rooms. All cats and other pets must be carried in an appropriate carrier or on a leash.

To make your pet's visit more comfortable, we have separate waiting sections – one for dogs and one for cats and other small animals. This helps reduce the stress some pets feel when being brought to a veterinary practice.

Pre-Surgical Policy

We offer routine surgeries and dental cleanings Monday to Friday. All surgical patients must have been examined by our veterinary surgeon and be current on vaccinations.

To protect your pet, food must be withheld after 9pm the night before surgery. All rawhides or toys that could be ingested must be taken from your pet at this time. Your pet can usually continue to have access to water until he/she is dropped off at our veterinary centre.

As a precaution against anaesthetic risks, we require routine pre-surgical blood work to be done on your pet. The blood work is performed during an appointment prior to the surgery or on the day of the surgery. Your veterinary surgeon will discuss the need for blood work with you.

Your pet must be dropped off by 9am. Please allow enough time for us to review your pet's records, discuss the procedure, sign the consent forms, and make sure that we have all the correct information needed to contact you with an update. We believe in the importance of client communication and are available to answer any of your questions.

Post-Surgical Policy

Please ask us for the post-surgical information when you pick up your pet after surgery has been performed.



We believe that the veterinary care at Polden Hills Veterinary Centre is the best value you'll find. We are honest and fair about the fees we charge. To help you manage the cost, please feel free to ask for an estimate of charges at any time.

We respectfully ask that all our clients pay at the time of consultation or on collection of your pet after in-house treatment, unless arrangements have been made personally in advance with John or Margaret. For your convenience we gladly accept cash, debit, VISA, and MasterCard.

We understand that good medical care is expensive and therefore we recommend pet health insurance. Please go to our pet insurance information page for details.



All drugs must be dispensed by a veterinary surgeon as per the RCVS regulations. Prescription medicines will be issued for a maximum of 3 months (28 days for controlled drugs). This is in line with guidelines issued by the Society of Practicing Veterinary Surgeons.

Repeat prescriptions

As with any illness, the conditions can change so we re-assess your pet every 3 - 6 months. This ensures that your pet's condition still requires the medication and prescribed dose


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